Safetykleen rebrands its waste business to Kleenwaste

London – 8 October, 2019 – Safetykleen is proud to announce the launch of its Kleenwaste business unit. Although Safetykleen has been active in management and collection of hazardous waste for many years, growing into UK’s market leader, up to now it has been a part of the Safetykleen branding.

Over recent years legislation across the UK related to reducing businesses waste streams and increased recycling requirements have become tighter. As a result, hazardous waste collection and management has grown into an important part of many businesses across a wide variety of industries.

Kleenwaste has been launched as a brand and business unit allows Safetykleen to reposition itself on the UK market from a hazardous waste collector to a value-added business partner that provides advisory and consultancy services to its customers to help them remain compliant with current legislation and reduce their waste streams throughout their operations.

“It’s a great opportunity for Kleenwaste to reposition itself on the UK market and making the shift from just collecting and managing our customers’ waste, into a full business partner providing added value to our customers through environmental and compliance advisory services. I have been in our industry for many years and feel we, as the market leader, are the right business to leading this change of our industry and help reduce the overall waste footprint of our customers on the environment,” according to Mark Cawley, Kleenwaste’s Managing Director.  “Our core services of collecting and managing the waste streams for our customers won’t change, but we need to add more value to them and help reduce the overall waste streams and increase the percentage we can recycle and re-use.”


Mark Cawley, Kleenwaste’s Managing Director.

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