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Make the Planet Safer & Kleener

Kleenwaste remains mindful of its moral commitment to not only the UK environment but also its impact on a global level. We are proud of our commitment to the customers we serve in our environmentally sound service and our impressive waste recycling activities. All our operational activities consider the best option as presented by the Waste Hierarchy.

Waste Hierarchy

Safetykleen removed 64,260 tonnes of Waste from their sites in 2021, 80% of this was recovered using R codes = 51,233 tonne and the 20% of this was disposal of through other means using D codes. Additionally, the 16 tonnes of this were sent to landfill which equates to <1%.

Corporate commitment is a huge positive, but small, everyday things make a huge difference to our local environment. Let’s take the opportunity to use “Global Recycling Day on the 18th of March” to reinvigorate our personal commitment to the environment at work and home – Remember the “4 Rs” in everything you do.