Gender Pay Gap 2020-2021

Safetykleen is required by law to publish an annual gender pay gap statement.



Safetykleen UK continues to place significant importance on recognising diversity, inclusion, and equality within the workplace. We know that our future growth depends on our ability to create an inclusive culture where people feel valued, and believe they have an opportunity to thrive. In addition, as a customer-led organisation it is important that we have a diverse and inclusive workforce that reflects the needs of our customers.

This is the summary for 2020-2021

Safetykleen has in place several policies and procedures in order to promote undertaking business in an ethical manner and complying with local laws and regulations. These policies include:

  • The mean gender pay gap is 1% higher for men
  • The median gender pay gap is 4% higher for women
  • The mean gender bonus gap is 65% lower for women
  • The median gender bonus gap is 58% lower for women


Pay Quartiles by Gender

This information is based on a total of 541 employees of which 107 are female and 434 are male. We note that the calculation of the gender pay gap is a result of the certain roles in which men and women work within the organisation. The majority of these roles include sales, service managers, and service representatives which predominately consist of male staff. We will review our recruitment, talent plans and also monitor the gender demographic throughout the recruitment journey in order to assess the impact of any changes made.

In light of the pandemic and the need for flexible working, Safetykleen has also undertaken a review of its working practices and arrangements to ensure employees are provided with as much flexibility as possible (working hours, location, and autonomy) balanced against business needs and requirements to all levels and professions across the business.

I am encouraged by our progress and we will continue to review our Gender Pay Gap as part of our people strategy.

Chief People Officer
05 October 2021