Safe disinfection of hand tools

How do you clean and disinfect the tools your team uses? In a world after Covid-19 lockdown, the Safetykleen Disinfectkleen application is the ideal solution for all industries where tools are shared between staff.

Why Disinfectkleen?

  • Safe, non-hazardous disinfectant used
  • Waste fluid removal, replacement and machine servicing all included
  • Compact design suitable for small tools in any workshop
  • Reduces reliance on costly PPE when using tools
  • Protects your workforce from encountering various microorganisms
  • Reusable delivery system means no wet wipes for landfill
  • Effective cleaning in just 15 mins
    Effective cleaning in just 15 mins

    The disinfectant kills microorganisms that may be present on the surface in 15 minutes

Hand Tool Disinfection Service

The anti-microbial chemistry we use is bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal, guarantees total disinfection of tools, saving you from having to equip each employee with their own tool set.

Tool Disinfection

We understand your duty of care to your employees and customers, and are here to provide a straightforward, cost-effective solution that meets international standards.

How does Disinfectkleen work?

The operator-controlled machine delivers disinfectant directly onto targeted areas, and ensures that only fresh and non-contaminated disinfectant is used.

How effective is it?

The disinfectant kills microorganisms that may be present on the surface in 15 minutes.



Machine Specification

Device Internal Dimensions: (W x D x H) 700 x 420 x 300 mm
Max. usable height 300 mm
Max. permissible load (kg) 50 Kg
Max. fill volume 35 Litres
Noise level LPA <70 dB(A)
Operating pressure 2 Bar (Fixed on regulator)
Duty cycle 1-2 hours per day
Nozzle Brass
Compressed air requirement 2.0 Bar (~29 psi) Max.

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