Safely growing chemical storage capacity


Safetykleen is the world’s leading provider of chemical cleaning & environmental solutions offering a wide range of solutions to address the needs of a diverse customer base.  Each product has been developed to augment customers’ productivity, quality and compliance. Safetykleen’s unique service offer combines parts washing equipment, scheduled services, speciality chemicals and industrial waste collection ensuring the total peace of mind that comes as standard for customers. As a specialist mechanical parts cleaning & environmental solutions organisation, product integrity ensures that the client’s goods and services run smoothly and economically. Again, the corporate sustainable ethos ensures all of the above is maintained while looking after the environment.



The unique Pushback System from Safety Unlimited stacks pallets of drums or IBCs within the same clever unit. Drums are four per pallet and IBCs two at a time across a total of 24 pallets two deep, on two levels. How does it work? Place the first pallet on the Pushback cradle, on the shelf, and push back the next pallet against the first one. When you take a pallet off of the shelf the next pallet glides forward. This is based on a safe, proven, pallet rack system including thoughtful colour coding of the internal structure to ensure correct placement. Each unit measures 8900mm x 3200mm x 3300mm (LxDxH) with lockable sliding doors in any colour scheme and made from 2.5mm profiled Steel Sheet.



Phil Wicks, Operations Project Manager for Safetykleen sets the scene; “We have had a long and positive relationship with Safety Unlimited as leaders in our respective fields. The Pushback system really caught our attention being a very simple and very effective concept, and it meets all of our key criteria, including expanding and improving our storage options and best utilising the space available. We are now installing Pushback units as a matter of course across our national depot network with positive feedback from the local managers”.

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